Do You Have Dust Bunnies Lurking on Your Smile?

Do You Have Dust Bunnies Lurking on Your Smile?

May 5th 2022

Deep, dark, and filled with secrets. No one quite knows what’s out there.

Underneath a child’s bed is a whole different world.

Fuzzy families of dust bunnies multiply, in a portal where all the missing socks go to die, while some undiscovered alien colony grows stronger in the void.

And, if their room looks clean, parents don’t ask too many questions about the monsters under the bed.

It’s kind of like your smile.

You diligently brush each morning and night and think that does the trick for you.

But, the same kind of creepy-crawlies lurk in the crevasses of your pearly whites, concealed from your view.

Most people who struggle with cavities have a nasty strain of bacteria (S. Mutans) that contribute to acid production. These terrible teeth tenants excrete tooth-dissolving acid after they munch on meals of sugary carbs left on your smile.

They use these tasty tidbits to fuel their bodies so they can get to work building plaque, making more bacteria babies, and having family reunions swimming in the acid pools they leave all over your teeth.

If you’re only bringing in your toothbrush to fight off the bad bacteria, the best you’re doing is disrupting plaque build-up and spreading bacteria around.

If you’re ready to take control of your oral health and rid your smile of these dental demons, xylitol is the sweet toothy treat that will help supercharge your toothbrush.

With a different molecular structure than regular sugars, xylitol – a natural sweetener – isn’t digestible by these menacing monsters. They’ll eat and eat and eat their fill but will fail to turn it into energy. Eventually, they’ll starve themselves to death.

Say bye, bye to those bacterial baddies!

The super-hip smarties over at the California Dental Association have found that 6-8 grams of xylitol taken daily is usually enough to keep your smile slippery-smooth and cavity-free.

Not only does the xylitol reach these acid aliens at the source, but it also helps stimulate your salivary glands to aid with dry mouth issues and support in remineralizing your teeth.

Stuffed into easy-to-use products like gums, mints, toothpastes, and oral rinse, xylitol is ready to add its punch of power to your dental health routine.

While it might not be possible to always know what’s growing under your kids’ beds, it is possible to gain control of the invisible monsters that wreak havoc on your smile. You’ll be beaming your ultra-clean smile everywhere, confidently knowing there’s nothing hiding in the dark.