Why Do My Teeth Feel So Fuzzy All The Time?

Why Do My Teeth Feel So Fuzzy All The Time?

Posted by Donald Bailey on Jan 22nd 2021

You know the feeling.

You wake up in the morning feeling like someone snuck in while you were asleep and laid down wall to wall shag carpet over your pearly whites. Or maybe you find yourself at the end of the afternoon, wondering how all this gunk managed to grow on your teeth when you just brushed them hours ago.

What’s with all these fuzzy sweaters on your teeth? And, more importantly, how can you keep them contained to the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Donation Box?

Fuzzy Teeth, Explained

That fuzzy gunk that shows up on your teeth is commonly referred to as “dental plaque.” Basically, it’s what oral health experts categorize as a “biofilm,” a mass of microorganisms setting up shop on your teeth (which, I know, gross). If it helps, imagine it as a sort of massive housing complex for oral bacteria.

Your toothbrush is pretty good at demolishing this fuzzy dental plaque, but you may have noticed that once it’s gone, it doesn’t take much time to sprout back up - sometimes even just a couple of hours!

That’s because your toothbrush isn’t really designed to eliminate the harmful oral bacteria that produce this nasty mouth mung. In fact, your toothbrush is woefully under-equipped to deal with the problem all by itself. That’s because bacteria repopulate and produce plaque much more quickly than you can deal with by brushing 2-3 times a day. When your teeth start to feel fuzzy just a few hours after scrubbing all that nasty plaque away, that’s a sure sign that you’ve got a bacterial problem in your mouth!

These bacteria aren’t just making your mouth feel gross several times a day, they’re also generating tooth-dissolving acid and creating all those cavities you keep getting filled at the dentist. Even if you ramp up your brushing to 10 or more times every day, you’re still not solving the acid problem.

Stopping Tooth Fuzz At The Source

While learning about all these creepy crawly bacteria may make you want to start chugging mass amounts of hand sanitizer, the truth is there’s a better way. What’s important is that your oral health regimen has a plan to target and remove cavity-causing, plaque-producing bacteria from your smile.

Fortunately, scientists have discovered an all-natural sweetener capable of doing just that. Xylitol is an all-natural sweetener that’s proven to target and remove the mouth-mung-making bacterial culprits. I won’t bore you with all the complex science details here, but the short version is that these bacteria live in the cracks and crevices of your teeth beyond your toothbrush’s reach. However, these bacteria think xylitol looks delicious, so they creep out of their hidey-holes to gobble it up, only to starve to death because they can’t digest it properly!

In fact, it’s so effective at pushing back plaque and crushing cavities that the California Dental Association recommends you get at least 6 grams of xylitol every day!

Epic Gum & Mints are stuffed with oodles of xylitol to help you fight back against encroaching tooth fuzz. With more xylitol per piece than other brands, Epic makes it easier than ever to get your dentist-recommended daily dose of xylitol.

With Epic on your side, you can confidently send that nasty tooth fuzz packing. We promise you won’t miss it.