Leave the dentist smiling. Epic Dental's xylitol products put
                      you in control of your dental health.

Here's How EPIC Can Help.

If you've always been a great brusher but are still plagued with frequent cavities, you might be trying to solve the wrong problem.

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Protects Your Teeth

Neutralizes Tooth-Dissolving Acid Zaps Cavity-Causing Bacteria

Repairs & Rebuilds

Ramps Up Your Natural Saliva Flow to Remineralize Your Teeth

All Natural, Non-GMO

Sweetened with nothing but Xylitol Vegan, Gluten-Free, No Sugar or Aspartame

Struggling With Cavities? No More!

If brushing and flossing can't keep cavities away, you have a bacteria problem your toothbrush can't solve alone.

"It's Amazing how clean my teeth are..."

"On my dentist's recommendation, I have been using Epic Xylitol Products (toothpaste, gum and mints) since late 2011. It is amazing how clean my teeth are at every hygiene check-up since then. My dentistand hygienist always commenton how plaque-free my teeth are." -Rick N.

Supercharge Your Smile

Epic's bacteria-bashing recipe will leave your smile slippery-smooth and free of tooth-sweaters.