Meet the Epic Team

Meet the Epic Team!

When Donald founded Epic, the goal was simple: craft a better way to help people like you fight back against cavities. Now, 17 years later, we’re living that dream bigger and better than ever before.

Despite all that, we’ve worked hard to make sure we stay true to our “aw shucks” small business roots. We definitely like to know a little something about who we’re in business with, so here’s a little about our team in return.

Donald Bailey - Founder and Chief Smile Officer

Donald has had a passion for peddling tasty treats ever since he was young, as seen from his first venture into the world of business as a 13-year old: selling candy out of his backpack to his fellow junior high students. When Donald’s having a bad day, his favorite thing to do is read through our most recent customer reviews as reminder of the difference our product can create. In addition to his work, Donald loves drone photography and stealing a few minutes to play a round of Golf Clash on his phone.

Monica Bailey - Chief of Staff

Donald’s wife and partner-in-crime Monica is passionate about taking Epic to the next level and loves managing the Epic Team. Monica enjoys making caramel apples and crème brulée, was crowned Mrs. Utah America in 2016, and will never be spotted far from a cold can of Coca-Cola (with fresh lime).

Bennett B. - Unofficial Mascot, Lego Engineer

Bennett became our unofficial mascot a year or two back when we realized his photo was too dang cute not to share. Bennett is enthusiastic, inquisitive, and is always asking when it will be his turn to be "the boss of Epic." When he’s not assembling some new Lego contraption, Bennett loves to kick back and watch an episode of the Wild Kratts.

Victoria H. - Executive Assistant

Supporting the executive team at Epic keeps Victoria on her toes, which is great for toning her calves and keeping her skills sharp. Victoria loves Lord of the Rings and all things Sci-Fi. When she isn't busy being a huge nerd, she's usually fueling up with donuts and steak before training for powerlifting.

Davis B. - Dinosaur Research Specialist, Junior Paper Shredder

Spending countless hours studying dinosaurs and dragons, Davis also makes time in his busy schedule to shred whatever documents need it for the Epic Team. According to his meticulous research, there’s a dangerous crocodile living inside the shredder that must be fed paper frequently.

Hailey K. - Production Manager

As our Production Shift Lead, Hailey oversees the packaging process for Epic Gum & Mints here in our clean room. A lifelong bowler, Hailey’s always looking for opportunities to perfect her skills, both on the production line and at the bowling alley. Hailey dreams of one day owning a whole bunch of pet bunnies.

Rachel O. – Warehouse Manager

Whenever you open a package from Epic, it’s all thanks to Rachel’s hard work in picking and packaging it just for you! But, Rachel isn’t just world famous for her boxing-up skills, she’s also killer at photography! One of her dreams is to travel internationally, and since Rachel is all about anything pasta, it won’t be a surprise when she and her camera head to Italy!

Elle B. - Junior Fresh Fruit Mint Taste Inspector

When she’s not performing her taste-testing duties every Epic Fresh Fruit mint in sight, Elle loves distracting her dad from his work. Other Epic employees have noticed that she’s got Donald wrapped around her finger, but they don’t mind.

Lindsey R. – Quality Assurance Manager

After working as a wilderness guide for troubled teens for several years, Lindsey knew that she needed to move on to help an even more unruly crowd… which is why she’s perfect for Epic. While often seen putting her eagle eyes to work ensuring that every Epic product is up to the gold standard before we send them out to the world, in her free time she loves to write and work up a sweat in her weekly Zumba class.

Mariela M. – Production Ninja

Mariela’s favorite parts of working the production line are, in order, her coworkers and the opportunity to smell the crisp minty flavors of Epic Gum all day. (Mariela highly recommends Wintergreen flavor). Mariela also loves aguachiles and mangos (but definitely not together… gross). 

Jordan M. – Production Ninja

Chocolate and cheese – who doesn’t love those things? Jordan, that’s who. Instead, he loves enjoying the finer things of life, like the salt and vinegar fries at Buffalo Wild Wings and spending his free time outside the production clean room doing things like: snowboarding, going to concerts, and traveling!   

Yomary D. – Production Ninja

Yomary has a passion for knowledge. If her nose isn’t in a book, you might find her bike riding or jamming out to some tunes. With an avid love for vintage cars, Yomary hopes to own a collection of them someday. That, along with a restaurant in her house that can serve up Latin food whenever her heart desires.