We Love to Spoil Our Customers

a little boy is impressed with Epic flavours

Epic: Little Company. Big Differences.

There are big differences between Epic and the big corporations.

Whopper big. Great state of Texas big. That’s no moon, it’s a space station big.

We’re Committed to Delivering You Results

Frankly, no one puts more xylitol in their products – which means we make it easier and cheaper for you to get the dentist-recommended six grams per day to protect your teeth.

Maybe that’s the reason we’re the only company willing to guarantee you’ll leave the dentist smiling. The rest of the companies will be all, like, “Oh bummer – maybe you should have flossed more.” We refund your money. Period.

Go ahead. Compare brands.

Our Stuff Tastes Better

What’s more, and we’re admittedly a little biased, our stuff just tastes better.

Thing is – other people tell us our stuff tastes better, too. We tell people to do their own taste tests, and almost unanimously, people come back to us with smiles on their faces asking for more.

We owe it all to the quality of our production.

Smaller Profit Margins. More Benefits. Happier Customers

Because we’ve grown this little company on the backs of those repeat customers, we make it easy for our regular customers to get free shipping for life. Loyalty rules, brothers and sisters.

Feel free to read what others have to say or better yet, do your own taste test today. We promise you’ll notice the difference.