How to Protect Your Teeth

Your Tooth-Pleasing Prescription

No question, Epic xylitol destroys the icky villains that wreak havoc on your smile, breath and mouth. But you have to apply enough xylitol over the course of the day to keep the mouth monsters at bay.

Picture six grams/day as the magic threshold you must cross. Three grams isn’t half the benefit – it doesn’t work that way. In fact, studies suggest just three grams will provide no discernable benefit.

You need six grams of “direct topical exposure” – fancy medical-type talk for having xylitol on your teeth for at least five minutes at least three times per day.

Epic Makes Getting Your 6 Grams Easy

Epic makes it simple for you to get your dentist-recommended 6 daily grams of xylitol because no one gives you more xylitol for less.

Here are some easy options to get your six grams: 

  • Chew 2 pieces of Epic gum after every meal 
  • Brush with Epic toothpaste and rinse with Epic mouthwash in the morning and the evening. Chew two pieces of Epic gum twice during the day.

 You get the idea. Find a combination that works well for you.

You'll notice the difference all that xylitol makes.

You and your dentist will be impressed.

Skeptical about Epic or Xylitol? Good.

We like skeptical. Skeptics typically become our biggest fans because we’re willing to show you the proof and proudly stand up as the only company to offer the You’ll-Leave-the-Dentist-Smiling guarantee.