Xylitol's Other Healthy Benefits

Xylitol Does More Than Fight Cavities

Helps Reduce Upper Respiratory Infections

Xylitol is best known for its cavity-fighting capabilities although studies have also shown it can reduce ear infections and upper respiratory infections by impacting the strep bacteria that cause these problems. In one study, children who regularly chewed 8 grams of xylitol gum per day had an almost 50% reduction in ear infections. *

Epic is pediatrician recommended and healthy for kids.

Works with Most Diabetic Diets

The xylitol in Epic products may be useful in diabetic diets. The primary goal for nutritional management of diabetes is to maintain near-normal blood glucose levels. Due to their incomplete absorption, polyols, including xylitol, produce a lower glycemic response than sucrose or glucose. In fact, xylitol is only an 11 on the glycemic index. Still, people with diabetes should consult their physician, dietitian or other health professional before incorporating sugar alcohols into their daily meal plans.

Is A Healthy Carbohydrate

Xylitol's low glycemic index makes it appropriate for many low carb diets and it has 40% fewer calories than sugar. You can use xylitol in cooking. Check out these xylitol recipies.

* Source: A Novel Use of Xylitol Sugar in Preventing Acute Otitis Media. Matti Uhari, MD; Tero Kontiokari, MD; and Marjo Niemela, MD. PEDIATRICS Vol. 102 No. 4 October 1998