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Sweeten Your World with (Lots of) Xylitol

Hi. I’m a Bigtastic Bag Full of Heatlhy Sweetness. I am Five Pounds of Tooth-Pleasing-Happiness. I’m the real deal.

What’s not to love?

Our non-GMO xylitol is perfect for low-carb diets and safe for most diabetics, and it’s got 40% fewer calories than sugar.

It also clobbers your mouth's icky villains and there’s even a rumor that it will offer to mow your lawn.

Oh, and it doesn’t taste like paste. We hear that’s a plus, too.

Save about $10 by ordering the five pound bag. Plus, it doubles as a nice pillow for your pet.

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  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Kate on Mar 27th 2021

    I got my product quickly, and a good price, and good quality. I like it in my coffee. Stevia gives my coffee a strange flavor; xylitol doesn?t.

  • 5
    luv this stuff!

    Posted by Michael on Dec 30th 2020

    toothpaste... mouthwash... and sweetener for my coffee... We just moved and I panicked a'lil when I couldn't find the right box my epic stuff was packed... ordered more before I found it... whew.....

  • 5
    Love the EPIC products!

    Posted by Sarah on Dec 27th 2020

    I have been ordering from EPIC for probably a decade. Their xylitol products are top quality and much more affordable than any of the products that you find in your local specialty stores. Their customer service is also very good, they have always answered my questions and responded in a timely fashion.

  • 1

    Posted by Ann on Oct 19th 2020

    In the past there was a problem with the granules being too large and not dissolving completely in baking. The problem was corrected and the granules were then smaller on subsequent orders. Unfortunately, my last 20# of xlitol granules had large granules again. I am very unhappy with this order and the product control issues.

  • 5
    Good stuff!

    Posted by Sherryl on Sep 7th 2020

    I had never used Xylitol sweetener before but have been wanting to try it. I really like it in tea. It gives just enough sweetness without being too much, and I know it's better than using sugar. Thank you, Epic Dental!

  • 5
    Better than sugar

    Posted by Janice on Jul 3rd 2020

    This has a similar sweetness to sugar without the bitterness I have had with Stevia. It measures equally for baking and cooking. I prefer it to sugar and it is promoting health for my teeth at the same time. This Epic company is friendly, concerned for my health, and provides a variety of products.

  • 5

    Posted by William on Jun 23rd 2020

    I?ve used xylitol for a couple of years now to get away from sugar, without loosing the wonderful taste of sugar. And what a bonus to discover that there are actual benefits to your teeth from eating xylitol. Just ordered 1000 mints

  • 5
    Great A1c News!

    Posted by Tami on Jun 7th 2020

    We started using Xylitol in our drinks (Iced tea and coffee) about four months ago and my husband just told me his A1c is down from 7.8 to 6.5! His sweetened drinks were where he was getting his big sugar dose, but the Xylitol sweetener works just as well for him AND is helping to bring down his blood glucose levels. Needless to say, we're thrilled!

  • 5
    I'm sugar-free and this product is perfect for me

    Posted by Julia on Jun 2nd 2020

    Xylitol is sweet but not overly and it mixes well in hot or cold drinks.