Practical, Fast & Easy Hygiene

Good Hygiene Can Be Convenient

You Need Solutions that Fit Your Life

Today's on-the-go lifestyle, with a never-ending supply of snacks and sodas, provides cavity-causing bacteria with an almost constant supply of food. Telling your kids to change their habits doesn’t work especially since it’s nearly impossible for you to brush after every snack when you’re hauling the family from event to event. Brushing and flossing when it’s convenient doesn’t work; your family still gets cavities.

Epic Gum & Mints Are Easy to Use

When nothing else works, Epic will. Just use Epic products six times a day in any combination. Use Epic gum or mints after lunch or snacks, brush with Epic Toothpaste twice a day and use Epic Mouth Rinse before bed. It’s that easy!

Try a practical solution for the times when carrying a toothbrush isn’t.