PG 11 Rated STSA Story

You’ve been warned!

Okay. You either have a great sense of humor, or we’re both degenerates. Maybe a bit of both.

Seriously, I think this is harmless and sweet – and oh so familiar if you’ve ever had a son.

But – some people are easily offended. You chose to look at this … so we’re on this sinking ship together, my friend. :)

Thanks to my friend in Suzanne in Nashville for sharing this, umm, tribute to Motherhood:

"I picked up my three-year-old darlin' son at daycare and took him to the park to play.

While we were at the park, and without me knowing it, he put two of those prickly gumball seeds from a tree in his pocket.

After the park we went to the store. As we were waiting in line to check out I noticed he had two round things in his hand, and I asked, "What are those?"

He replied (and I swear it sounded as though he had a microphone up to his mouth), "My nuts were hot so I had to take them out of my pants."

Everyone in line snapped their heads around and looked at him; I can only imagine what they were expecting to see. I told him that those weren't called nuts, they were called gumballs.

Then he said, "Well, mommy, my BALLS were hot so I had to take them out of my pants!"

A dirty mind deserves a clean mouth!

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Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for being our Something to Smile About Friend.