Lifetime Cost of a Cavity

Cavities: A Lifetime of Expense

Prevention is Better for You and Your Wallet

Check your last dentist bill. Cavities are expensive!

Fluoride, drilling and filling have been the only approach to treating cavities for the past fifty years and studies show that fillings don’t last. When teeth need to be replaced treatment is even more expensive.

Delta Dental Insurance calculated the lifetime cost of just one cavity to be around two thousand dollars!*

When you add up the lifetime cost (up to $2,000 per cavity!), with the emotional trauma, pain and hassle of a cavity it makes dollars and sense to switch to Epic. For what you might pay for a single filling, you can purchase a year’s supply of Epic!

Any good medical practitioner will tell you preventative care is far less expensive than having to fix something once it’s broken. Cavity prevention is better than treatment.

Two grand better. Per tooth! Maybe that’s why more people are happily switching to and swearing by Epic. For most, it starts with our best-selling Slippery Smile Kit.

Target the Root Cause

Ideally prevention begins before children get their permanent teeth. But it’s never too late to join the fight against tooth decay. Epic targets bacteria, the cause of cavities; delivers when nothing or no one else will and comes with a money-back Cavity-Free guarantee.

Start saving money with Epic Dental today.

* See for additional details.