Improves Kids' Hygiene Habits

Xylitol Will Improve Your Kids Hygiene

Have you ever met a child who likes going to the dentist? Us either.

And its no wonder. Most kids eat more between meal carbohydrates such as soda pop, chewing gum, milk, candy, fruit, juices, breads and cakes than adults. This regular exposure to sugar, together with their developing hygiene habits, increases their risk for cavities.

Kids Will Be Kids

It’s difficult to get kids to brush and floss after meals the way they should, and nearly impossible to get them to brush after snacking.

Why not help them reduce their stress and fear by giving them the confidence to know they’re more than likely just going in for a good tooth brushing and flossing?

How? That's simple. Help them defend their teeth by giving them xylitol chewing gum, or xylitol mints! The xylitol in all Epic products disrupts sugar-fueled, tooth-eating acid attacks. Can you think of a better way to help your kids protect their teeth?

Epic Xylitol Products Are Kid Friendly

Epic is an easy and convenient tool in improving oral hygiene. Epic comes in kid-friendly flavors and your satisfaction is guaranteed so you have nothing to lose but high dental bills.

By following Epic’s recommended daily use guidelines, your kids are guaranteed to leave the dentist smiling.

Choose Your Kids' Favorite Flavors