How Much Xylitol is Okay for Kids?

How Much Xylitol Is Okay?

Xylitol has been approved for use by people of all ages with no major xylitol side effects. Studies suggest that children especially, can benefit from using xylitol. In fact, in most of the xylitol research studies, children have been the key participants.

We recommend using 6 grams of xylitol every day to take advantage of xylitol’s tooth-pleasing, smile-inducing power. Ideally, the xylitol will be in contact with your child’s teeth for at least five minutes three different times during the day. May we suggest after meals or snacks as ideal times?

We’ll help you figure out the easiest ways to get 6 grams.

Gum and Mints Are Kid-Friendly

We do provide a fluoride-free version of our toothpaste, and while we know it’s not easy to get kids to brush twice a day for two solid minutes each, Epic has your back with our popular kid-friendly flavors of gum and candies that perfectly complement brushing. What kid doesn’t love gum and candy?

If you follow the 6-gram-a-day recommendation, your kids are guaranteed to leave the dentist smiling.