Epic Xylitol Reduces Dry Mouth

Epic: Dry Mouth Help and Treatment

Immediate Relief for Dry Mouth

Dry mouth sucks. If you haven’t experienced it, you can’t possibly understand.

If you suffer from dry mouth, we can help you. Our xylitol naturally stimulates saliva, and unlike those constant squirts from artificial sprays or inconvenient rinses, Epic’s xylitol helps your body do the work naturally and easily.

Better yet, it not only helps you quench your dry mouth, it’ll help give you a healthier mouth and smile. Unlike typical sugary hard candies, Epic’s xylitol will also reduce your risk of cavities and save you money at the dentist.

Most customers who’ve suffered from dry mouth start with our money-saving Gum and Mint kit.

How Epic Works Better. Guaranteed.

It’s a simple formula: All-Natural Xylitol safely fights dry mouth and cavities. Epic gives you more xylitol than store-bought brands.

Because our products are all natural and sugar-free, you’re welcome to use Epic’s products as often as necessary to quench your dryness. We’re happy to be a welcome relief for your dry mouth, but if you want to enlist Epic to lower your dental bills and guarantee you no more cavities, we have a simple formula to get you the recommended minimum of six grams of xylitol a day.

If you’re willing to use at least six grams a day, we’re willing to guarantee you no more cavities. We’re the only company confident enough to offer you a cavity-free guarantee.

Our best-selling Slippery Smile Kits will not only provide you with gum and/or mints, but give you the toothpaste and rinse you need to maximize your protection.

We know xylitol’s sweetness produces the saliva that includes calcium and phosphates and quickly tip the pH scales in your favor against acid and bacteria. Unlike fluoride, the xylitol in our gum and mints provides an ongoing, proactive balance to your mouth every time you chew and suck. Experts agree.

Recommended By Experts

“You may be able to improve your saliva flow by chewing sugar-free gum.”

That’s the Mayo Clinic talking, and they’re not alone in praising gum’s ability to help you.

Our customers agree. We think you will, too.

Try our Gum and Mint Kit to begin to feel immediate relief, or jump in with our best-selling Cavity Free Kit and take advantage of the total preventative package. Guaranteed.