Dentists Recommend Xylitol

Dental Experts Recommend Xylitol to Protect Teeth

Name dropping really isn’t our thing. We try to be a little more humble in our approach. So we hope you’ll forgive us for naming some of the leading oral health experts who agree that xylitol makes smart smile sense.

Unless you’re a dentist or dental professional, you’ve probably never heard of CAMBRA. CAMBRA is a fancy acronym that stands for “caries [cavities] management by risk assessment.” It’s a new system being implemented by dental professionals all over the country, focusing on preventing cavities in the first place rather than the old standard of drill & fill. One of the key tools in CAMBRA’s arsenal? You guessed it - xylitol.

Use 6 Grams of Xylitol a Day

Dr. Milgrom and his colleagues have studied how much xylitol you actually need to have an impact. Their recommendation: 6 grams of direct topical exposure spread across the day. That’s fancy medical talk for having xylitol on your teeth at least five minutes three times per day.

Epic Makes Getting Your 6 Grams Easy

Epic gum and mints are 100% xylitol-sweetened. The means Epic makes getting 6 grams a day easy.

Compare dental care products found at the store, and you'll find that they don't contain enough xylitol to be an effective defense. Try one of our Dental Protection Kits and we guarantee you'll notice the difference.

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