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For those who can never have enough of the spice of life, Epic Cinnamon Mints are ready to pop into action. Turn up the heat to whatever your comfort level with Epic Cinnamon in your pocket.

Hot & spicy, Epic Cinnamon Mints will leave your tongue tingling and your mouth’s bacterial baddies fleeing in fear.

Stuffed to bursting with xylitol and made with only the highest-quality ingredients, Epic makes it easy to get your dentist-recommended daily dose of xylitol. Rout acid attacks, beat back bacterial baddies, and clobber cavities with our simple, time-tested, all-natural recipe.

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  • 5
    They get me through the night

    Posted by Candice on Jan 26th 2021

    I suffer terribly with a dry mouth at night being the worst. I wake up every couple hrs with my mouth so dry it wakes me up. I reach for my Xylitol tabs and back to sleep I go. It's not so bad during the day but I always carry them in my purse so I can carry on a conversation without my lips sticking to my teeth.

  • 5
    some like it hot

    Posted by Kelly on Nov 12th 2020

    If you are a fan of cinnamon this little mint is nice to pop in your mouth for a saliva boost. I like to use these through out the day to keep my mouth healthy and fresh.

  • 5
    I love cinnamon!!!

    Posted by Angela on Jul 22nd 2020

    The only bad thing about these cinnamon mints is that they're so good I eat more than I should at a time. I keep some in my purse, the car, my bedroom and the kitchen. Always good when I'm out and can't brush after I eat.

  • 5
    cinnamon mints

    Posted by Cary on May 25th 2020


  • 5
    Tasty and Good Value

    Posted by Nathan on Apr 21st 2020

    This has been my favorite breath freshener for at least a few years. I had been buying the tins at Whole Foods or Amazon, but it?s a much better value to buy the large bags directly from Epic.

  • 5
    Love the Cinnamon, Alot!

    Posted by helen on Sep 18th 2019

    The large bag let's me refill my smaller container and take them with me. This helps my overall decay prevention strategy.

  • 5
    Keep it at the office and at home

    Posted by Maureen on Aug 31st 2019

    I always have a bottle of this handy, as it helps keep my cavities under control

  • 5
    Very Good

    Posted by Tierra on May 22nd 2019

    Strong Cinnamon flavor.

  • 5
    Cinnamon mints

    Posted by Gretchen on Apr 26th 2019

    I have one or two mints after most meals & my husband has his peppermint mints. Helps freshen the mouth after meals.

Where does your xylitol come from?

We exclusively use pharmaceutical-grade xylitol, carefully harvested from non-GMO corn. Every granule of xylitol in Epic Mints is Non-GMO project-certified and of the highest quality we can get our paws on.

Why is THAT part of your recipe?

Here's a comprehensive list of every ingredient we use in our mints and why it's in. You don't even have to take off your shoes to count 'em:

  • Xylitol: Sweetens the taste, but mostly for the cavity-crushing punch your smile deserves.
  • Natural Flavors: All-natural extracts and flavors to ensure that every taste of Epic Mints is delicious.
  • Gum Acacia: Sap from the arabic tree, for keeping every piece together.
  • Magnesium Stearate: A sort of all-natural cooking spray, keeping our mints from sticking together or crumbling into a dusty mess.

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Do your Fresh Fruit and Cinnamon flavors also taste like mint?

Ew, that'd be weird. There's no mint oil extracts or any other mint flavoring in our Fresh Fruit or Cinnamon mints. We call these non-minty little treats mints because we hate all the other words. "Tablet" now means something else entirely, and "lozenge" makes it sound like we're hucksters selling snake oil out of a travelling wagon.