Chuck Your Brush

If Your Toothbrush Worked...You Wouldn’t Have Cavities.

Sorry if that sounds harsh. But it’s true. Your toothbrush is a pretty lousy defense against cavities.

But before I explain why – let me tell you what your toothbrush does well. It’s really good at scrubbing plaque off the easy to reach surfaces of your teeth. In fact, as long as you use it a couple of times a day, you’re doing your teeth a real service.

But scrubbing plaque only goes so far in helping to protect your teeth.

That’s because whenever you eat or drink, there’s a good chance you’re introducing tooth-eating acid into your mouth. Some foods, like soft drinks and vinegar, are especially acidic. But did you know that strawberries, grapes and even tomatoes are acidic enough to do real damage to your teeth?

Worse still - even if it were convenient to brush your teeth after every sip, meal or snack, your toothbrush actually does nothing to neutralize this tooth-eating acid. In fact, brushing your teeth immediately after a meal can help drive acid deeper into your teeth - causing significant damage.

Dentists know the most crucial time to protect against acid is immediately after you eat or drink. And if your toothbrush is neither convenient nor effective, what are you supposed to do?

Saliva can help. It is your body’s natural defense against acid. But it can take 30 minutes or more for your saliva to buffer an acid attack.

And that’s just one of the challenges your teeth face. Did you know that food and drinks aren’t the only source of tooth-eating acid in your mouth? In fact, a significant source of acid in most people’s mouth is acid-producing bacteria. These evil, nasty creatures can turn just about anybody’s sparkling, pearly whites into a stank-smile, yuck-teeth, gank-mouth.

In fact, the whole reason dentists recommend brushing is to rid your mouth of these vile monsters and the food particles on which they feast.

But what if brushing doesn’t actually get rid of these little monsters? What if these habits do little more than simply slosh bacteria around, moving them from here to there, leaving them free to build up plaque and send you to the dentist for another novocain-induced fat lip?

If you’re serious about fighting cavities, you need a solution that works better than a toothbrush.

What Could Be Better Than A Toothbrush?

You need a solution that can neutralize tooth-eating acid at the exact moment you need it most AND naturally rid your mouth of cavity-causing bacteria.

You need Epic Gum. That’s because Epic gum immediately disrupts tooth eating acid attacks. It accelerates your saliva production, putting your body’s natural defenses to work right away!

And at the same time, Epic gum goes to work destroying acid-producing bacteria. That’s because Epic gum is loaded with oodles and oodles of xylitol. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that gives cavity-causing bacteria a serious beatdown.

In fact, the California Dental Association recommends 6 grams of xylitol a day as the perfect amount to clobber cavity-causing bacteria. And with tons more xylitol per piece, Epic Xylitol Gum makes it easier and cheaper for you to defeat cavity causing bacteria.

Simply chew 2 pieces of Epic Gum after every meal, and you’re on your way to a happier, smily-er, cavity-free-er you!


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