Your Smile's #1 Enemy

Your Smile's #1 Enemy

Apr 29th 2021

If you were to ask ten people on the street about the #1 threat to their smile, I suspect nine would say “sugar.”

The tenth, if he were honest, would probably say something like, “Well, I’ve missed my appointments with my dentist for the last 4 years running. That’s probably up there.”

Of course, they’re both wrong.

As damaging as neglect can be, it’s nothing compared to the real culprit behind so much cavity shame and tooth pain.

The truth is, misinformation is a bigger threat to your smile than sugar ever will be.

It’s Not Sugar

The biggest oral health myth out there is that sugar is somehow to blame for cavities.

It’s drilled into us from a very young age: “Too much sugar will rot your teeth!” “No sweets before bedtime!”

Here’s the truth: The danger to your teeth from sugar is WAY overblown.

Funnily enough, part of what allows these falsehoods to keep spreading is that dentists are just too smart. It’s true. Ask your dentist about the cause of cavities, and he’ll say, “Well, cavities are a complex disease process that…” and continue into a lengthy explanation that’s too dense and technical for anyone that’s not also a dentist to understand.

So here’s the truth about your teeth and sugar, and simple and concise as I can say it:

  • Cavities are holes in your teeth, caused by acid.
  • Acid in your mouth breaks down the bonds holding your teeth together.
  • Acid comes from two primary sources: 1) food and drink, and 2) harmful, acid-producing bacteria that live in your mouth.
  • Sugar is not acidic and can’t damage your teeth alone.
  • However, sugar can feed acid-producing bacteria and help them to multiply.
  • More bacteria means more acid, and more acid means more cavities.

Still with me?

Saying sugar is the cause of cavities is kind of like saying that flowers create honey. It’s technically sorta accurate, but it leaves out a bunch of important details.

That’s why this kind of misinformation is so dangerous. Imagine that, following the common wisdom about how to prevent cavities, you decided to turn your life upside-down trying to shake out sugar, only to substitute with a bunch of highly-acidic alternatives. You might be going to all that effort only to make your cavity problem worse rather than better.

So if you’re looking to beat back cavities, simply cutting out sugar is not going to do the trick. You need a solution that deals with tooth-dissolving acid.

Epic: The Solution To Your Cavity Woes

So, with our new understanding about the true cause of cavities, it’s pretty clear that to truly prevent cavities, you need to find solutions to two specific problems:

  1. Acid-producing, cavity-causing oral bacteria
  2. Acid attacks that dissolve your teeth.

Epic Gum is the one-two punch that does both.

That’s because Epic Gum is sweetened exclusively with xylitol, the all-natural sweetener that’s proven to target and remove harmful acid-producing, cavity-causing bacteria while leaving the rest of your smile sparkling clean. What’s more, the sweet, delicious flavor of Epic gum kicks your saliva production into high gear, neutralizing acid attacks in mere moments and protecting your teeth from long-term damage.

Epic Gum & Mints were carefully crafted to deliver your dentist-recommended daily dose of xylitol, soothe your cavity woes, and to taste great while doing it. We promise that after just two weeks on Epic, you’ll enjoy that slippery-smooth, fresh-from-the-dentist feeling 365 days a year.

Be careful, though. We don’t want you to sprain your tongue as it glides effortlessly across your pearly-whites.