Your Poor Toothbrush

Your Poor Toothbrush

Apr 29th 2021

Take a look at that poor toothbrush.

His weary head, laid down to rest on the hard porcelain of your sink. The low bent of his bristles are the only medal of honor for his long and storied campaign fighting on the front lines for your teeth.

One would think that such a valiant fight would be rewarded with a joyous rest in a place of honor, but here he lies amidst the soap scum and dried globs of toothpaste, ready to march to battle each morning and evening in a never-ending war.

I’m just going to say it straight: your toothbrush deserves backup.

Your Toothbrush is Irreplaceable, But He Can’t do Everything

No one man can do it all.

That’s not to say your toothbrush doesn’t try, but burning the candle at both ends simply isn’t ever going to keep up with a job too big for one man.

So, why do we keep expecting the toothbrush to carry the full weight of oral health, all by his lonesome?

The modern design of the toothbrush has been in use for hundreds of years, with variations that go back thousands, and for good reason. The toothbrush is a reliable tool for scrubbing away plaque and other oral gunk.

However, if your toothbrush was the only tool you needed for perfect oral health, then why do you still get cavities?

The Problems Your Toothbrush Can’t Solve:

Here’s why your toothbrush, hard-working though he is, can’t keep back cavities alone.

The primary cause of your cavities is tooth-eroding acid. This acid gets into the nooks and crannies of your teeth and slowly eats away at the calcium and phosphate bonds that keep your teeth together. Over time, these instances of microscopic damage compound, eventually transforming into those little holes in your teeth that make your dentist go “tut tut.”

Bringing a toothbrush to an acid fight is kind of like calling a lawyer when your basement floods: he’s the wrong kind of expert who’s just going to get in the way. Your toothbrush just isn’t capable of neutralizing oral acid, so putting him to work isn’t going to help.

Further, this tooth-dissolving acid most frequently comes from two sources: 1) food & drink, and 2) harmful bacteria living in your mouth. This means that the most dangerous times for your smile come up during the day, when your hard-working toothbrush is taking a nap on the bathroom sink.

The Reinforcements Your Toothbrush Deserves:

Of course, your toothbrush’s inability to confront acid doesn’t mean he should be forced into retirement. It just means he needs some backup to cover the roles he can’t fill.

That’s where Epic Gum & Mints come in.

Powered by the all-natural cavity-crusher xylitol, Epic Gum & Mints are carefully calibrated to neutralize acid attacks in the moments you need it most. Here’s how it works:

Your body’s best defense against acid is the balancing force of your own saliva. Unaided, it can take up to 30 minutes for your mouth to naturally neutralize acid, but the sweet taste of Epic Gum & Mints cranks up your saliva production to 11, reducing your exposure to tooth-dissolving acid to mere moments.

What’s more, the xylitol in Epic Gum & Mints specifically targets the strain of bacteria responsible for creating that acid and removes it from your mouth. Consistent use is proven to dramatically reduce the presence of harmful oral bacteria, leading to less oral acid and, eventually, fewer cavities.

Your toothbrush isn’t failing you. It’s just time to provide him the backup he deserves.