You Don't Have To Put Up With Dry Mouth.

You Don't Have To Put Up With Dry Mouth.

Jan 22nd 2021

Susan lived with dry mouth symptoms for close to a decade before learning that she didn’t have to anymore.

Yep, a DECADE.

Over that time, it took the combined efforts of 16 different medications to combat Susan’s chronic migraines, but this complex medication cocktail had a number of side effects. The worst of those side effects was that her mouth was left constantly parched.

Susan’s doctor recommended a specialty mouthwash and a oral spray that was supposed to help with the “Who left my mouth open in the Sahara desert?” sensation. It didn’t work.

However, living with dry mouth was a whole lot better than living with migraines, and so that’s what Susan did: Lived with it.

She lived with having to drink a glass of water before speaking even a word. She spent 10 miserable years with her lips sticking to her teeth, because living without migraines was worth the cost.

After a while, Susan thought she knew what to expect from her dry mouth symptoms, at least in the day to day. What she didn’t expect, however, was the side effect of the side effect.

It wasn’t until Susan’s next visit with her dentist that she learned the true cost of her dry mouth symptoms. Imagine her surprise when she was diagnosed with 8 cavities.

Talk about an expensive lesson.

While dry mouth symptoms are frequently uncomfortable in the short term, the true danger often goes unnoticed. Saliva is your body’s natural defense mechanism for your mouth, and so people who suffer from dry mouth are at a much higher risk for oral infection, gingivitis, and tooth decay.

When your lips are sticking to your teeth and you can hardly speak, the first thing you think to turn to is a glass of water. While water is great for immediate relief, you’ll find that even if you’re constantly drinking, you won’t get relief that lasts. Add to that a trip to the bathroom every 30 minutes and you’ll start to understand why water alone can’t solve your dry mouth woes.

Many find themselves turning to a hard candy in order to alleviate their dry mouth symptoms. Sucking on a sweet treat does wonders for dry mouth, because it triggers your body’s “hey, there’s FOOD INCOMING!” receptors, which in turn crank your saliva production up to 11. There’s a catch, though - soaking your teeth in sugar all day might be worse than not soaking them at all. Just ask Susan.

You’d think that any sugar-free candy would do the trick, but you should be careful: they’re not all created equal. Many sugar-free hard candies are highly acidic, which can do even more damage to your teeth than sugar.

After her 8-cavity diagnosis, Susan knew there must be a better solution out there than living with the discomfort and tooth decay from years of dry mouth.

She was delighted when her dentist told her there was a tasty sugar-free treat that would relieve her dry mouth symptoms AND actively fight back against the cavities threatening her smile.

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