When To Use Xylitol - Product Schedule

When To Use Xylitol - Product Schedule

Posted by Donald Bailey on Jan 22nd 2021

We’ll be the first to hail xylitol as a dental care cure-all, but there is a science to its cavity-killing effectiveness that you need to understand.

Although your dentist may have explained the benefits of xylitol to you, he probably didn’t explain how you can use it every day to improve your dental health. There are a few things you should know—and misinformation we’d like to dispel—about the best way to use xylitol.

Be Wary of the Big Guys

Big-brand gums tout that little amounts of xylitol a day can still be effective, but by “little” they mean hardly any at all. And while we all agree that xylitol can work mind-blowingly well for protecting your teeth, the big brands don’t want to pay for it.

Xylitol can be expensive, but as a smaller company , Epic can get away with smaller margins. Our priority is keeping our customers happy, and that means providing them with enough xylitol to really make a difference in their mouth. That’s why we pack Epic Gum with the most xylitol per piece than any other gum on the market.

Epic is proud to make products that are 100% xylitol-sweetened, sugar-free, and gluten-free, because we do well when our customers are happy and see the results they want.

Now that you know what to use, we’ll tell you how to use it.

How Much Xylitol Do I Need a Day?

Research has found that using xylitol every day can result in long- and short-term benefits to your smile, but only if you use enough.

Studies show that 6 grams of xylitol a day is the magic number for improving your dental health. And it does have to be at least 6 grams. Another study showed that using just 3 grams of xylitol per day had no discernible benefit.

Because Epic understands the science behind xylitol, we’ve made it easy to get your dentist recommended 6 grams a day by making Epic Gum contain 1.06 grams of xylitol per piece. While other leading brands only contain .72 grams, Epic Gum packs more xylitol into every piece so you know you’re getting all of the xylitol you need with only six pieces of gum a day.

Does How Frequently I Use Xylitol Matter?

Yes, frequency of use matters. Three times a day is the recommended minimum from dental professionals, but we consider five times a day ideal.

Frequency is important because your mouth becomes more susceptible to cavity-causing bacteria periodically throughout the day, as well as when you eat. This is because your pH levels—the acidity of your mouth—make it easier for bacteria and acid to destroy your teeth when they’re low. Your pH levels rise and fall throughout the day, and they drop to dangerous levels when you eat because your body is preparing to break down the food.

In a highly acidic environment, acid-producing bacteria thrive. To combat it, you can use xylitol products like gum and mints after eating and periodically throughout the day. Simply chew two pieces of Epic Gum after every meal and you can hit your recommended 6 grams a day while also sending in the troops during your mouth’s most vulnerable times.

Keep in mind that as long as you hit the recommended 6 grams per day, frequency is less of a factor in the effectiveness of your xylitol regimens. It’s more important that you use it, than when you use it.

Example Daily Xylitol Product Schedule

Basic dental care recommends you brush your teeth in the morning and at night. It’s also recommended that you use fluoride to help fortify and repair the damage done to your teeth by bacteria over the years.

Epic xylitol products easily replace your current toothpaste and mouthwash—you can even keep enjoying that refreshing spearmint flavor—so that you can reach the daily minimum with ease.

Use a piece of gum or two mints after each meal or snack. Chew or suck on the mints for at least five minutes to get the full benefits of the product.

You can also reach for a mint or piece of gum when you normally would throughout the day, like when you’re driving, shopping at the grocery store, or working. But be careful at where you pull your xylitol out, or you’ll have people surrounding you begging for a piece!

When it comes down to it, just make sure you’re getting enough xylitol. If you can’t follow a perfect schedule, it’s okay. Just do your best to get 6 grams a day and you’ll see the benefits!


Starting on your own xylitol program is exciting. It won’t be long before you feel the benefits in your own mouth—from getting rid of that fuzzy feeling on your teeth to noticing how your saliva washes and repairs them.

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