The Secret Ingredient Your Cavity Clad Teeth Need

The Secret Ingredient Your Cavity Clad Teeth Need

Apr 7th 2022

All that bristly brushing and fanciful flossing was not working out for Monica.

She kept leaving with a catch-you-next-time-pal pat on the back and a note on the bill from her dentist saying, “I'm sure going to have fun in Italy!”

How many did she have?

4? 7? 13? Who knows?

The point is, she was stuck in a chaotic cavity cycle, and what she thought was the solution never yielded the results she wanted.

That’s because even with PERFECT brushing and flossing, her oral hygiene routine failed to deliver.

What a dental quandary….

But that was the old Monica. The Monica before she met Epic.

Epic-ly educated Monica now knows that no amount of brushing and flossing will rid her pearly whites of the acid that eats away at enamel, creating cavities.

Extra special, super smart Monica knows now that acid doesn’t just come from the foods and drinks she enjoys, but also from microscopic menacing monsters living in the nooks and crannies of her teeth. Their nasty habit? To eat up all the food particles left in her mouth and turn it into acidic waste.

And, after learning about acid’s role in her swiss-cheese-esque smile, Monica learned all about the great little gizmo that attacks acid, right at the source.


It’s the nifty little nugget of natural sweetness, found in many fruits and vegetables. Xylitol is even created during metabolism!

Although it’s sweet like sugar, xylitol packs a punch of cavity-clobbering goodness in more ways than one. From revving up salivary glands, which aids in remineralization, to killing off those acid-producing hooligans living on smiles, xylitol has got everyone’s back… teeth.

A bunch of people, who do science-y things while wearing lab coats, found out that habitual use of xylitol, through products like gums or mints, showed significant reduction in the little bacteria baddies that produce cavity-causing acid.

In fact, the California Dental Association recommends 6 grams of xylitol each day to keep smiles slippery-smooth!

The less gunky junkies to make an acidic wasteland, the better off Monica’s (and your) chances are of walking out of a dentist check-up cavity-free.

And, really, isn’t that better than getting an Italian Thank You postcard from your dentist?