The #1 Money Saving Question to Ask Your Dentist

The #1 Money Saving Question to Ask Your Dentist

Jan 22nd 2021

You get the all too familiar news, “It looks like you have a cavity”.

What comes next is always a wave of thoughts and emotions.

“What?! But I’ve been brushing and flossing!”

“Not more stinkin’ needles!”

“I hate having a fat lip.”

What if I told you that what your dentist identified as a cavity wasn’t really a cavity at all?

Why Your Dentist May Be Bending the Truth

Not really a cavity? You’re probably thinking, “Whoa whoa, why would my Dentist say I have a cavity when it’s really something else?”

First off, many dentists are great! They are honest and they have your best interests in mind. But something to also consider is that every time your dentist drills and fills, they make a lot of money that they otherwise wouldn’t with a basic checkup. Some dentists are quick to move on something that looks like a cavity when there may be a less expensive, all-natural solution. After all, most patients don’t know the difference.

What else could it be? And what other treatments options are available?

Cavity? OR Area of Demineralization?

The problem with your tooth may very well be “Area of Demineralization”, which is an area on the tooth where acid erosion has made a small indentation. The difference between an area of demineralization and a cavity is an area of demineralization can be healed naturally, without the use of drilling & filling!

This is the good news! And The #1 money saving question you should ask your dentist when he says you have is cavity is:

“Is it an actual cavity or is it an area of demineralization?”

Now, it’s not that you are trying to challenge your dentist on his prognosis, well, actually YOU ARE! We know that dentist generally want to give you the best care they can, and taking care of this demineralization sooner rather than later is the best policy. But, drilling isn’t the ONLY way to correct your problem. There is a better way, a super effective, natural way, that doesn’t involve drills, shots, or your dentist’s hand in your mouth for 2 hours!

Heal Your Teeth Naturally (Without Drilling or Filling)

The first step to patching up these areas of demineralization is to understand where they come from.

One little-known fact is that your cavities are caused by bacteria. These icky little guys eat sugar and pump out acid in your mouth, which causes damage to your teeth. They’re looking for a place to squat, and your teeth are as good as a comfy sofa to them.

You know that good daily habits like brushing and flossing keep the cavities at bay. That works great for all of those flat, open surfaces on your pearly-whites. I hate to break it to you, but that’s just not enough. Plenty of those bacteria hide in the cracks and corners of your teeth, just waiting for the toothbrush to leave before sprawling out all over your mouth again, making messes and wrecking the furniture like the worst kind of house guests.

The good news is that, over time, your saliva provides minerals to your teeth that help them to rebuild and repair those areas of demineralization. However, unless we evict those troublesome bacteria, they’re going to keep punching holes in your teeth faster than your body can repair them.

Unlike your relatives that overstay their welcome, there’s an easy way to send these bacteria packing.

Fighting Cavity Causing Bacteria With Xylitol

Sugar feeds bacteria, bacteria causes acid, and acid causes cavities. So, we need to either never eat sugar again (try telling your kids that) or attack the bacteria! The solution is chewing Epic Gum with Xylitol!

Cavity-causing bacteria mistake xylitol for sugar and consume it. The bacteria are unable to break down the xylitol but also can’t stop eating it. This leads to a cycle of starvation that ultimately destroys the cavity-causing bacteria.

Plus, our all-natural Epic Xylitol Gum helps stimulate saliva flow, which helps increase the rate of remineralization in your teeth.

If you're tired of the bad news every time you visit the dentist and want to really attack the cavity-causing acid produced by the bacteria in your mouth, it's time to get the protection you need.