Not A Perfect Flosser? Don’t Get Strung Out About It.

Not A Perfect Flosser? Don’t Get Strung Out About It.

Jan 22nd 2021

We love being the best.

We adore Olympic gold medalists, Guinness World Record holders, box-office smashers, lottery winners, and Superbowl champions.

Unfortunately, our celebration of the best is a philosophy that leaves almost everyone coming up short. By definition, only one person can come in first place. Coming in second or third only awards a small pittance of the glory of taking first, even though the difference in skill and effort is frequently as small as fractions of a second.

Most people know that Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time, having won 28 medals over the last two decades.

Do you know the name of the second-most decorated Olympian?

I didn’t think so.

When it comes to doing your absolute best, I much prefer Voltaire’s protocol:

“Perfect is the enemy of good.”

“Perfect” is the Enemy of Good Oral Health

They don’t give out gold medals for flossing your teeth, but you’d never know it from the way some dentists and hygienists talk about it.

Here’s a little secret that should make all the imperfect flossers feel better: your dentist doesn’t floss perfectly, either.

That’s because flossing is hard work. You’re trying to maneuver a nigh-invisible piece of string between the itty bitty gaps in your teeth to scoop out plaque that you can’t actually see until you’ve pulled it out. It’s like trying to wash your car by parallel parking it between a couple of giant sponges while wearing a blindfold.

Don’t get me wrong, flossing is good for your teeth and you should definitely keep doing it. But do you really think that stringing a tiny speck of gunk out between two molars way back on last Monday is going to be the difference between getting a cavity or not?

Despite all this, the conventional dental wisdom for years has been to demand that we floss flawlessly. For a certain kind of unscrupulous dentist, this carries the added benefit that, since nobody is going to be a perfect flosser, there’s always a way to blame and bill the patient for their cavities.

We don’t truck with that kind of nonsense around here. Any solution that requires perfect precision to work isn’t a real solution.

Your good enough effort should be good enough.

Epic Gum & Mints Fill in The Gaps So You Don’t Have To

If you’ve struggled with cavities despite being the best brusher you know, it’s clear that “brush better” isn’t up to snuff.

The truth is, “cavity” is just a fancy word for a part of your tooth that’s been dissolved or damaged by acid. Acid causes cavities, and that’s the reason you keep getting them even though you’re the fanciest flosser in three counties.

Epic Gum & Mints pick up where your floss quits, putting the power of cavity-crushing xylitol to work for your smile. They’re specially formulated to target and remove the cavity-causing bacteria lurking behind your smile and promote saliva flow to repair damage to your teeth before it gets so bad that they need a dentist’s drill.

You’re never going to be a perfect flosser, so stop stressing about second place and embrace the oral health solution that will help you achieve world record results with what you’re already doing.

After all, you’re only human.

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