Does your toothbrush have a 4-YR/50K mile warranty?

Does your toothbrush have a 4-YR/50K mile warranty?

Sep 22nd 2021

Legend has it that when Ransom E. Olds began selling his curved-dash Oldsmobile back in 1901, the guarantee he offered buyers was that once the money changed hands, the car was theirs and the money his.

Warranties improved in the 50s and 60s (going as high as 5 years and 50,000 miles) until the bean counters quickly realized that the warranties outstripped the product quality by a large margin. Offering long warranties on unreliable products was a certain path to bankruptcy.

We didn’t start seeing 4-year/50k mile warranties until the product quality had improved.

But what about your toothbrush? What kind of guarantee do you have that it will deliver the results you want and hope for?

We’ve all had that experience of leaving the dentist with a drool-covered, fat-lip disappointed that all of our toothbrushing didn’t deliver. We know better than to blame the brush – it’s merely a tool. But I’m not sure everyone knows who or what to blame or more importantly what to do to get a different result.

I certainly didn’t. I blamed myself. My brushing technique. My soft teeth. The candies I loved. That flossing was so tedious.

Then as the fat lip faded, I moved on with life. Every couple of years, the fat lip and frustration would rear their ugly heads but I accepted this as an unfortunate ritual of life. Until…

I stumbled on xylitol. The research was promising and the anecdotal evidence was compelling. So I dug and dug. A light bulb went off and the Epic system was born.

If I could integrate xylitol into convenient items people were already going to use every day, it would be easy for them to get the right amount, often enough to make a difference. The right products would make delivering results effortless.

Lots of manufacturers sprinkle xylitol into their gums and mints so they can bask in claim that their products are tooth-friendly. But for those of us who care more about making a difference than improving our bottom lines – a sprinkle of xylitol just doesn’t cut it. You’ve got to go all-in.

That’s why your favorite Epic products are loaded with oodles and oodles of cavity-crushing xylitol.

What’s more, we believe taking care of your teeth should be delicious. (There’s a reason baking-soda chewing gum never really took off.) That’s why your favorite Epic products are jam packed with bursts of tasty delight.

But most importantly, Epic products are backed with an unlimited mileage warranty. They are designed to deliver. So if you’re not grinning from ear to ear after your next cleaning, give us a call. We’ll refund your money and you can keep whatever leftover product you have.

Warranties have come a long way since Ransom E. Olds. And this is ours.