A Good Enough Effort Should Be Good Enough

A Good Enough Effort Should Be Good Enough

Apr 29th 2021

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the Internet, you’ve probably seen images of the “Pinterest fail.”

They usually involve an expert chef or cake decorator posting a photo of their work on the internet, which is then compared side-by-side with the efforts of an amateur who tried to follow their methods.

The directions may seem simple and clear to the Pinterest chef making the initial post, but if you can’t get the same outcome by following the directions, then it’s pretty obvious that the flaw isn’t in the follower.

Call me a little old-fashioned, but I prefer reality. If your step-by-step guide can’t produce the promised results with a “good enough” effort from most people, then you aren’t selling a real solution.

We can’t guarantee that a single piece of Epic Gum will solve all your cavity woes, but we do promise that with some consistent effort, you’ll leave your next dentist visit smiling.

We’re also not going to ask you to just take our word for it. We guarantee that after just two weeks, you’ll be able to experience the slippery-smooth Epic difference with your own tongue, over and over and over again. If you can’t see and feel the difference yourself, then what are we even doing here?

And, of course, if you find that we’re falling short with any of our promises, you know where to find us. I’m not the kind of scallywag who will skip town on the next train. We know we’re not perfect, and that sometimes we’re gonna mess things up. That’s why we need you to share your concerns, comments, and complaints.

How else are we going to make things right?