Anti-Microbial Toothbrush

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Check Out The Anti-Microbial Toothbrush!

Designed and created by renowned dentist Dr Robert Plotka, this anti-microbial toothbrush is your next best step in supercharging your toothbrush.


Not only are they made with silver (which is known for its natural anti-microbial properties), our toothbrushes are crafted with phenomenal Flossing Bristles, designed to reach deep into the grooves of your teeth that your supermarket toothbrush merely dreams of scrubbing!

Ratings And Reviews
What's the deal with the 2 different toothpastes?

One has fluoride, the other doesn't. Both are stuffed with xylitol. Pick whichever one strikes your fancy.

Where does your xylitol come from?

We exclusively use pharmaceutical-grade xylitol, carefully harvested from non-GMO corn. Every flavor of Epic Gum is Non-GMO project-certified and sweetened exclusively with the highest quality xylitol we can get our paws on.