Where Does Xylitol Come From?

Epic Xylitol: Purer. Safer. Sweeter.

German chemists discovered the naturally occurring xylitol in the late 19th century in birch tree bark, and since then, it’s also been naturally found in fruits and vegetables.

Many of the plants in and around your home could provide you with all-natural xylitol.

That is, if you’ve got a couple bazillion dollars to build a plant that meets the safety and purity standards we need to feel comfortable providing it to our family and yours.

It’s the only way we know we can safely call Epic’s Xylitol a safe alternative to other sweeteners.

What is it?

Xylitol is a natural five carbon sweetener that can be extracted from plant materials. We extract ours from corn because extraction from wood is a technical and wasteful process.

Marketing myths abound that the plant source of xylitol impacts the end product (i.e., corn vs. birch), but any scientist worth his sweetener will tell you there’s no molecular difference in the harvested end product with regards to its source - be it corn or birch. None. Zip.

Worried about a corn allergy? Please - don’t be. Once we’re finished with the process, there are no proteins left over to provide any allergen which may cause a corn-based reaction.

Where do you make it?

Epic Dental sourced our corn to a spectacular region of China where time’s stood still in the fields for generations. We marry that history and respect for the land with an ultra-progressive and eco-friendly processing plant to provide a perfect blend of tradition and technology.

Our corn farmers remain strictly and proudly non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) and use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They hand plant their corn between rows of vegetables and trees, rotating crops every season - ensuring top soil quality.

State-Of-The-Art Production Makes for Eco-Friendly Purity

Once the corn cobs are delivered to our factory where they are ground and added to a natural acid solution that begins the process of isolating the xylan molecule from the corn cob. To separate the xylan from the source material cleanly and clearly, ion-exchangers purify, separate, and decontaminate these xylan syrups.

We then further filter this xylan syrup through a filtration and evaporation process to prepare the d-xylose (the natural precursor to xylitol) for de-colorization. This de-colorization happens through light’s natural bleaching. It’s then filtered, filtered, and filtered a third time to ensure purity.

Finally, we have crystallization of xylitol - which can then, using a centrifuge, be meted out into any size granule required.

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Quality Assurance. Guaranteed.

All Xylitol factories require in-house lab testing before distribution. Then, to ensure quality, our distributors who bring it into the United States have it tested independently. Finally, we do additional testing on all our finished products to ensure their quality.

Specifically, we test for the presence of heavy-metals, arsenic, bacterial contaminants such as salmonella and e coli, as well as yeasts and mold. All products must be free and clear of these contaminants before we put our name on them.

We require a detailed Certificate of Analysis on every batch of xylitol we receive to be sure it meets our strict quality standards. We’re happy to show you examples of the certificates.

And not just our xylitol - but all our ingredients have been tested to meet strict specifications. Epic audits all our manufacturing facilities on a regular basis to ensure impressive and consistent standards with no cross-contamination. Samples are removed at every stage and constantly tested throughout the manufacturing process.

Finally (phew) - products are held in quarantine - pending a full microbiological analysis, before we ship them to you.

Yes, it’s exhaustive and rigorous, and we’re proud to feel like it’s worth every second and penny. Our kids are worth it. Your kids are worth it.

Are you ready to improve your family’s health with Xylitol?

Our most popular sellers are our Dental Protection Kits that simplify shopping for healthy, happy smiles smiles.

We also offer a fluoride-free version of our toothpaste that’s also gluten and casein free.

Our gums and mints are gluten and casein free as well.

You might consider, too, baking with xylitol as a sugar-free alternative for tasty sweets and treats.

Questions? Excellent. We’ve built this company on a reputation of safety, purity, and a humble good-natured willingness to give you all the time you need. How can we help?