Apple Spiffies Xylitol Tooth Wipes, Box of 20 Wipes [YARD SALE]

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This product has a minor imperfection that prevents us from selling for its normal price. And if that’s okay with you, then you’ll save a bundle!

What sort of minor imperfection you ask? Great question. Most likely a cosmetic flaw like an off-center label, or small dent. The package is still sealed and the interior product still stuffed to bursting with cavity-clobbering goodness.

Spiffies Tooth Wipes

  • Disposable, convenient towelettes that wrap around your finger, making it easier than ever to clean your child’s teeth and gums.
  • Can be used without water, even if the baby is asleep -- just gently rub the gums and you are done!
  • Clinically proven to reduce cavities with regular use, and uniquely designed to help parents clean their children's teeth in a comforting, enjoyable, and pain-free way.
  • The nubby texture provides a soothing massage on infant gums, which can ease teething pain and effectively scrub away microbial plaque.
  • The naturally sweet flavor creates a positive experience with oral health that can last a lifetime!
  • Fluoride-free
  • Benzocaine-free
  • Sustainably made in the USA

Spiffies are made in the USA and our company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. Spiffies have had an independent study published by the International Association of Dental Research.

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